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Careers You Can Have with a Masters in PE & Health

7 Great Careers You Can Have with a Masters in PE & Health

November 21, 2022


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7 Great Careers You Can Have with a Masters in PE & Health

If you’re considering a career in physical education, it’s important and exciting to know what your career options could be. We’ve compiled a list of the top 7 careers you can have with a degree in physical education and health.
People often think that a degree in physical education limits you to just teaching kids in school, but the reality is there are a lot of other options to expand your career.
Skills learned during your degree program include communication, organization, and leadership. A master’s in physical education gives you many options after graduation making a physical education great a smart choice.

Fitness Trainer

Fitness trainers are professionals leading and motivating individuals in physical fitness activities. The BLS says they’re experiencing healthy demand growth. Use your master’s degree in physical education to teach, train and help others meet their fitness goals.

Professional Sports Scout

A sports scout helps teams and organizations find the best athletes in the world. A typical scout will use his or her time to travel all across the globe to find and assess players that fit the needs of the organizations they represent. This is a challenging but rewarding career that can be exciting at times. Helping discover talent can be a lucrative opportunity.

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Strength and conditioning coaches combine exercises, such as weight training and aerobic exercise, to improve their clients’ athletic performance. A career as a strength and conditioning coach opens up various opportunities, including college-level or professional-level outlets

Athletic Administration

The sports business is a large market for professionals of all kinds today. One kind of worker often employed by sports organizations is the athletic administrator, who typically has a Master’s degree in Physical Education or a similar field. The term “athletic administrator” refers to a group of many different kinds of workers who all work in the administrative departments of sports and athletics organizations.

Camp Director

Camp directors organize and run day camps or residential recreation programs. They plan activities and curricula, oversee employees and campers, monitor expenses, hire staff members, and train them.

Physical Education Teacher

A physical education teacher helps students learn about sports and physical activity, including how exercise benefits the body. A PE teacher knows how to play various sports and can help students develop their athletic abilities. Being a physical education teacher is a rewarding and exciting career and can be the foundation for larger opportunities in the future.

Exercise Physiologist

The field of exercise physiology is the study of how the human body reacts to physical activity. Exercise physiologists help their clients improve their health by learning how to achieve optimal fitness levels. They help people of all ages and fitness levels reach their goals.

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