Master Of Arts In Curriculum & Instruction

Master of Arts in Curriculum & Instruction


Help design the future of education by becoming a leader in curriculum and instruction. Develop skills that will help you improve student outcomes and impact your community.

A Degree Built by Teachers For Teachers.
CSU-Pueblo is-and always has been- accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, an accrediting body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

This education degree enables you to develop innovative instructional materials to improve teaching and learning.

Great student outcomes begin with a great curriculum—one that provides focus, depth, and clarity for eager students. You can be an integral part in impacting the future for students and teachers alike with a Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction. If you already have a bachelor's degree in education and are interested in enhancing your career by building strong learning opportunities for students, a masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction could be an ideal fit. Stand out from the competition and lead impactful innovation in your organization with this valuable Curriculum and Instruction degree developed by professional educators.

In addition to practicing teachers in the field, this nationally and regionally accredited program is appropriate for any professional interested in planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating instructional programs in school and non-school settings.

In addition to the impact you will have on students and other teachers in the future, there are many reasons to consider earning your masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction through MTI. These include:

  • Potential salary increases in your current role — whether you work in education, the business world, or another industry.
  • Obtaining a new leadership role in educational administration, instructional technology, and other related fields.
  • Re-certification and maintaining your current teaching license.
  • Improving your curriculum design, development, and instruction skills.

The Master of Education degree in Curriculum & Instruction is a 13 course/38-credit-hour program that includes a 7 course (20-credit-hour) core component from Colorado State University-Pueblo (theory/research) and a (6 course/ 18-credit-hour) pedagogy and elective core with Midwest Teachers Institute. An official university transcript will be available upon completion of your CSU-Pueblo coursework.

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Earning a post-graduate degree in PE and Health may also lead to a higher salary in your current role or potential career advancement, demonstrating to your current or target school district that you have a strong commitment and drive for improving student outcomes. When you consider the potential increase in your earnings potential with MTI’s cost-effective tuition, earning your masters degree becomes an even more attractive prospect.

With MTI, you know up-front what your out-of-pocket costs will be because there are no additional fees for credits, textbooks, syllabi, materials, or shipping costs. The listed course costs include all these elements already. We also make it simple to pay for courses online, as we accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and PayPal Credit®.

Curriculum that ensures you’ve mastered the things students need you to know.

Program consists of:

13 courses 38 credits

We design our curriculum to be timely, relevant, and practical—all to ensure your degree is proof you really know your stuff.

Every course focuses on a set of clearly defined competencies that you must prove you’ve learned—through a set group of assessments (text questions, applications, journaling, research and essay evaluation).

That means that what you learn will be directly applicable in your classroom—and in fueling your students’ success. It’s all about real-world applicability so every moment spent studying is time well spent.

A different way to learn: Degree programs designed to fit your life—and all the demands on your time, resources and budget.

We understand that you have professional responsibilities, family obligations, and personal commitments. That’s why we offer a personalized, flexible and cost-effective approach to your higher education. Our degrees are developed “By Teachers for Teachers” and are personalized, career-focused and built to fit your life. Complete your masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction coursework using self-paced distance courses along with online, anytime and anywhere your schedule allows, and move through your studies and assessments as quickly as you are able.

We offer masters degree courses for educators in a variety of convenient formats so you can choose options that will best meet your needs and goals. Course formats include:

  • Distance/correspondence: This learning format puts you solidly in control of pacing, giving you up to a year to complete the course.
  • Online (instructor led): These courses are five weeks in length, with specific course beginning and end dates.
  • Online (self-paced): With this option, your coursework is online, but you are not required to participate in synchronous activities or conversations.

Some courses are also available in onsite, on-demand, workshop, or E-Adventure course formats.

Each of our four online masters in education degrees has a total of 13 courses and 38 credits and they are broken down into three categories below.

Pedagogy- 3 courses (9 credits): Focus on literacy, differentiation of instruction and technology.

Self- paced distance courses from Midwest Teachers Institute.
Same three required for each degree.

MTI 535 -Differentiation in the Classroom
MTI 542 -21st Century Digital Fluencies for Literacy
MTI 575 -Unlocking Students Potential with Technology

Emphasis- 6 courses (18 credits): Selected by the graduate student in their specific degree concentration.

Self- paced distance courses from Midwest Teachers Institute.

Click the links below to see your emphasis courses specific to your degree track.

Special Education

Curriculum & Instruction

ESL/ELL (Linguistically Diverse Education)

PE & Health

CSU-Pueblo-Core Online Courses (11 credits): Focus on research and professional change.

Online courses that are asynchronous and eight weeks long.

They are offered in the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

ED 502 Teacher as Change Agent (3 credits)
ED 503 Teacher as researcher (3 credits)-prerequisite 502
ED 504 Leading change in America’s schools (3 credits) prerequisite 503
ED 593 Capstone/seminar (2 credits)-must be last course taken in entire program.

Your degree is attainable and affordable. Do not delay, apply for admission TODAY.

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This masters in Curriculum and Instruction online degree program has a rolling admission schedule. We offer three semesters each calendar year, and students enrolled in any of our graduate programs can take up to six classes (18 credits) per semester. However, you can also go at your own pace over a two-year period and complete courses as your schedule allows.

Rolling admissions means you don’t need to wait until next fall to begin pursuing your masters degree. Instead, you can apply at any time and get started on your electives immediately. Plus, if you’re taking courses with other educators in your school or district, you can also set up a personalized cohort! Ordering courses online is fast and easy, and you can expect to receive course materials and textbooks within two to five business days.

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