What is "SEL"?

Social and Emotional Learning: SEL for Short!

SEL, or Social and Emotional Learning, is the process children and adults go through to learn how to manage their emotions in social situations, in the classroom or workplace, or how to manage it on their own. SEL is an important process as it helps children and adults understand how to maintain positive relationships with their peers, understand the feelings of others, and how to keep themselves on the right path towards success.

Why is SEL Important?

Without understanding our feelings and emotions and why others respond the way they do, it becomes challenging for us to respond to conflict in a healthy way or to handle our own inner struggles without inflicting damage. Children who go through SEL programs are proven to excel better in the classroom and are proven to have better social skills than young children that do not. These are basic skills that are imperative to a person’s success as an adult, whether its how to handle aggression, sadness, or how to identify social cues. Adults that do not experience SEL programs are likely to have aggression problems, improperly handle conflict, lack empathy, and suffer from emotional discord within themselves.

What Does SEL Do?

SEL teaches children from a young age how to properly problem solve, how to self manage, how to be aware of their surroundings socially, and how to build and keep meaningful relationships. Other topics that can be covered through SEL are positive responses, handling emotional distress, time management and focus, empathy for others, understanding why people do what they do, and how to properly handle conflict in the classroom, with friends, or in the workplace.

Who Benefits?

Everyone! Your children, their teachers, friends, future educators, and you! SEL promotes lifelong lessons that will carry into adulthood! SEL keeps kids and adults focused, makes them good planners, empathetic people, good at time management, good at handling conflict and stress, and prepares them for the future!

Is SEL Right For You?

SEL promotes emotional awareness, time management, stress management, social awareness and a healthy emotional upbringing that will enhance the success of children and adults in their future endeavors! When we learn why people act the way they do, how to handle conflict in a healthy way, and understand our own emotions, our whole outlook on life is changed! Managing your human emotions and understanding social cues can really get you far in life, and the sooner it starts, the better!