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January 30, 2020


MTI: Professional Development Courses

Midwest Teachers Institute offers continued education for our teachers in Texas! Continued Education is taking courses to add to your knowledge of the field you are pursuing in order to qualify for a higher pay grade, a renewal, or recertification. Midwest Teachers Institute is here to offer those who qualify, an easy, stress-free and high-quality course plan to acquire your continued education certifications. We offer 3 credit courses that have been created by teachers just like you. For teachers, by teachers. And all of this is conveniently structured to fit your schedule with the convenience of completing courses strictly online. We understand that life is hectic and not everyone can adhere to a set schedule. That’s we offer the best of the best when it comes to acquiring continued education certifications, on your time.

Researchers have found that teachers seeking continued education perform much better and complete their renewals/recertifications much better when their schedule is in their hands. We acknowledge the value of your time and find that when the pressure of finding time for courses is taken off, our teachers become more productive and perform vastly better. Our 3 credit courses are flexible, easy to comprehend, and are made specifically with educators in mind. Whether you’re looking to add more experience under your belt, acquire a renewal or recertification, we’re here to help!

As educators ourselves, we understand the struggle of working a full-time job as a teacher and needing more to either make ends meet or to move up in the world. Our courses have been designed to give you all of the knowledge and refreshers you will need to succeed. At Midwest Teachers Institute, we give you the reigns. We want our educators to come to us on their time and to find a course path that’s perfect for them. No compromises or sacrifices. It’s your time, your money, and your education. At Midwest Teachers Institute, we put your continued education in your hands. We’re not here to give you roadblocks or make you feel like continued education is something out of your reach. We’re all about accessibility and possibilities. We refuse to let our educators believe that continued education isn’t a possibility for them. It’s not a luxury, it’s your path to success and you deserve the quality of education and the convenience of time Midwest Teachers Institute can offer! Not only are the continued education courses at Midwest Teachers Institute convenient and high quality, but they are also affordable! Not only do we offer courses on your time and courses built best for teachers, but we offer 3 credit courses that won’t burn a hole in your wallet! We believe in giving the best continued education at a price that’s reasonable. We understand the challenges that come with being a full time teacher, and balancing work and personal life. And a lot of times, another added expense just isn’t what you need. But Midwest Teachers Institute isn’t a place to empty your wallet, but to give you the continued education certifications and renewals you need for a price that fits your lifestyle. The high quality education, affordable rates, convenient schedule and flexibility of Midwest Teachers Institute is now available for Texas teachers! As a Texas educator, now you have the power to take control of your continued education aspirations and achieve success with Midwest Teachers Institute. Whether its being qualified for a pay increase, renewing your license or getting a recertification, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got the high quality education at an affordable rate with flexible schedules, all you need is the drive and confidence to make a change!

We want YOU to join us at Midwest Teachers Institute for the education you need to succeed in the world of teaching! We want you to have the flexibility and affordability you need to advance in your career! No challenge is too great and we believe with our by teachers, for teachers 3 credit courses, we can be the change you need without breaking the bank or causing you to compromise your personal life. A license renewal, recertification, or a qualifier for increased pay is only 3 credit courses away, and you can do it all at Midwest Teachers Institute!

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