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5 Ways to Make More Money Right Now

April 5, 2020


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In the teaching profession, we are more likely than most to have a “side-hustle.” It’s unfortunate, but remember that you also have a skill set that many non-teachers lack. Rather than focusing on your salary (which you have no control over), it’s time to focus on your own financial independence. What can you control when it comes to your income?

Now more than ever, we have extended time off, so why not take a little of that time to find yourself a little supplemental income? The point of this is to help you think of ideas that you may not have considered, because at the end of the day, we’re all in this together. There are many ways you can sell what you are already doing on sites like teachers pay teachers, but we’d like to share a few other ideas:

“Side Hustle Ideas”

  1. Tutoring online. You already know the topic, and right now there is a high demand for people to help students struggling at home in the US. Sites like TutorMe can help you connect to students outside your area. Or if you really want to help people outside your area, consider tutoring students from other countries looking to learn English. There are over 100 companies in China alone that will pay you to remotely help children learn our language Sites like VIPKid usually pay around $12-$20 an hour and are still looking for teachers.
  2. Writing coach. So you are used to reading essays and giving feedback to your students on their writing. Why not take that expertise and do the same for corporations? Companies are always looking for help with emails, presentations, you name it.
  3. Online adjunct instructor. Many small colleges are looking for people willing to teach that don’t need a full-time salary or benefits. Your classroom experience in many cases makes you a better fit for the students, as you are giving them something that you know actually works (or doesn’t work). We fully believe this at MTI, since all of our instructors have classroom experience.
  4. Part-time jobs. If you have the flexibility of most teachers, you can find jobs that companies need to outsource by simply applying to sites like Flexjobs or Upwork. Use your skills from the classroom to do freelance work.
  5. Take some graduate classes. Most teachers in the US can increase their income by taking graduate courses. We get it, since we’re also still in the classroom (although not lately, but let’s not go there). Check out our catalog of remote-learning courses for teachers.


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