Tax Information

Tax Information

I need proof that I took a course with MTI. What do I need to show my accountant?

Since our courses do not lead to a degree (non-degree), nor do we offer federal financial aid, we are NOT required to provide IRS Form 1098-T documentation. Issuance of IRS Form 1098-T is only provided for degree seeking students, which we do not offer. However, to use our courses as an educational expense write off, you simply show your accountant your receipt, and give him/her our Federal Employee Identification number or EIN#

That number is 27-2299635.

Our main office address is:

Midwest Teachers Institute, LLC
905 Joliet Street, Suite 209
Dyer, IN 46311

We do not keep your information(receipt) as required by law. The only thing we archive in our database files is your name, address, email, the courses taken and grade received. If you did not keep a copy of your registration, you may contact us and we can re-create an enrollment form minus the sensitive information such as SS# and Credit Card information.

Thank you,

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