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MTI 599 VC OH: Virtual Reality Field Trip Course – Ohio

MTI 599 VC OH: Virtual Reality Field Trip Course – Ohio

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Course Description:

The purpose of this class is to provide educators with a variety of educational, practical, cultural or historical experiences outside of their regular classroom while at home during this unprecedented time. This is an opportunity to gain valuable experiences while students are learning at home. You can apply what you learn to your students to enhance their learning of a subject, unit or lesson plan. More than ever, our students are visual learners who need to see what we are talking about to reinforce our classroom instruction. This Virtual Reality Field Trip Course is designed to help teachers understand how these sites can be beneficial to our students and support teacher instruction while learning at home or school all while earning 3 nationally accredited graduate credits.

Learning Outcomes/Competencies:

At the completion of this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Assess the connection between the site locations and content learning standards. InTASC 3 ,7
  • Estimate the impact of learning from experiential learning opportunities based on each site location. InTASC 3,8
  • Construct a lesson plan that focuses on connecting standards to activities that incorporate higher level thinking skills. InTASC 4,5
  • Justify the inclusion of these sites/locations/places into the current curriculum to the appropriate audience. InTASC 3,7,10

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  • 2 site summaries
  • 1 lesson plan
  • 1 essay
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