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MTI 550 PH – Lesson Planning for Skills – Based Health Education

MTI 550 PH – Lesson Planning for Skills – Based Health Education

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Course Description:

This course is designed to walk health educators through the process of implementing or improving upon a skills-based health education curriculum. The rationale for a skills-based curriculum is first explained and explored. Then each of the National Health Education Standards is visited in-depth including objectives, performance-based assessments, lesson plans, activities, and modifications.

Learning Outcomes/Competencies:

At the completion of this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the National Health Education Standards. InTASC 1,7,9
  • Utilize the National Health Education Standards performance indicators to develop unit plans. InTASC 1,2,7,8
  • Implement performance-based assessments for monitoring skill development. InTASC 4,8
  • Implement effective lessons and learning activities that support skill development within health education. InTASC 1,3,5
  • Reflect upon the current health education curriculum to identify areas needing review and improvement. InTASC 9
  • Apply strategies, activities, and techniques to fit the educators setting and needs of their students. InTASC 3,4

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  • 10 text questions
  • 2 applications
  • 1 action research project
  • 1 essay
  • 10 journal entries
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