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MTI 540 CI: The Art of Teaching: Getting the Most Out of Students

MTI 540 CI: The Art of Teaching: Getting the Most Out of Students



Lemov, D. (2010). Teach like a champion 2.0: 62 techniques that put students on the path to college. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. ISBN 978-1-118-90185-4


Course Description:

This will be a class that provides participants with a balance between theory and practice with the emphasis on what is eminently useful, usable, pragmatic, and practical. The course will purport to give the participants foundational, tested, and researched based techniques that are easily and immediately employable in their respective classrooms. The class will include discussions on why these techniques are so effective and how to best employ them not just on an individual basis but also how they could contribute to total school reform.

Learning Outcomes/Competencies:

At the completion of this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Argue the essential elements necessary to plan for successful instruction. InTASC 3,7
  • Assess the effectiveness of teaching techniques outlined in the area of academic ethos and their measured impact on their own classroom practice. InTASC 1,6,7,8,9
  • Compare techniques outlined in the ration unit to those researched in academic journals. InTASC 5,6,7,8
  • Evaluate a plan of action that will foster a classroom of character and trust, and will set the standard for higher levels of expectations. InTASC 3,9

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  • 10 text questions
  • 2 applications
  • 1 action research project
  • 1 essay
  • 10 journal entries
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