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Why Get a Master's Degree in Physical Education & Health?

  • Satisfaction In Your Career Advancement
  • Increase Your Earning Potential
  • Impact The Health & Well Being of Your Students

Master's Degree in Physical EducationThe Master of Arts in Physical Education & Health degree is designed to meet the needs of current professionals in the field (physical education teachers, athletic directors, coaches) who desire to attain further education and an advanced degree in physical education. Mainly focused on teaching pre-k through 12th grade, this curriculum guides you to study health technologies and instructional methods to help students reach their fullest potential in physical activity and health.

In addition to improving your knowledge and teaching methods for physical education and health, this masters degree can also help you learn how to design and implement educational programs to help combat and prevent obesity in students; increase involvement by other school staff and students’ families; make physical activity a regular part of students’ daily schedules; and much more.

When you choose to earn your Physical Education and Health masters degree through MTI, you will be prepared to make a greater positive impact on students’ lives while also taking steps toward advancing your career and increasing your value as an educator or coach.

The Master of Arts in Physical Education & Health degree is a 13 course/38-credit-hour, fully accredited program that includes a 4 course (11-credit-hour) core component from Colorado State University-Pueblo (theory/research) and a (9 course/ 27-credit-hour) pedagogy and elective core with Midwest Teachers Institute.

When We Say Affordable, We Mean It.


9 MTI courses

+ $5,170

4 CSU-P courses

- $650

CSU-P Discount Credit


= $7,995

Save Up to 50% On Your Master's Degree

The lowest tuition and the ability to complete your masters degree in Physical Education and Health in 15 months or less make our masters degrees more affordable than ANY other schools. When you compare us with other programs, each of our degree programs offer a rigorous curriculum with competitive post-graduation results for around half what you'd pay at another university—or even less.

Earning a post-graduate degree in PE and Health may also lead to a higher salary in your current role or potential career advancement, demonstrating to your current or target school district that you have a strong commitment and drive for improving student outcomes. When you consider the potential increase in your earnings potential with MTI’s cost-effective tuition, earning your masters degree becomes an even more attractive prospect.

With MTI, you know up-front what your out-of-pocket costs will be because there are no additional fees for credits, textbooks, syllabi, materials, or shipping costs. The listed course costs include all these elements already. We also make it simple to pay for courses online, as we accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and PayPal Credit®.

Gain Expert Knowledge with Our Innovative, Relevant and Practical Curriculum

We design our Masters in Physical Education curriculum to be timely, relevant, and practical—all to ensure your degree is proof you really know your stuff.

Every course in our masters degree in Physical Education program focuses on a set of clearly defined competencies that you must prove you’ve learned—through a set group of assessments (text questions, applications, journaling, research and essay evaluation).

That means that what you learn will be directly applicable in your classroom—and in fueling your students’ success. It’s all about real-world applicability so every moment spent studying is time well spent.

Our Master's Degree in Physical Education & Health Program Features

13 courses 38 credits

In this program’s curriculum, you can expect to learn about a wide range of PE and Health topics, including (but not limited to):

  • Current issues related to Physical Education and Health Education
  • Measurement and assessment of physical activity and PE programs
  • PE and Health curriculum design principles and theories
  • Physical Education and Health research methods
  • Behavioral, legal, ethical, and diversity issues related to PE and sports programs
  • Organization and administration of sports programming

Whether your focus is at the elementary or secondary level, this masters program is designed to give you theoretical knowledge and practical skills that you can implement right away.

Degree Programs Designed to Fit Your Life

How are our degree programs different?

  • Design Around You
  • 100% Online
  • Self-Paced - You're In Control
  • Most Affordable Master's Degree Nationwide

We understand that you have professional responsibilities, family obligations, and personal commitments. That’s why we offer a personalized, flexible and cost-effective approach to your higher education. Our health and physical education masters programs are developed “By Teachers for Teachers” and are personalized, career-focused and built to fit your life. Complete your sports education coursework using self-paced distance courses along with online, anytime and anywhere your schedule allows, and move through your studies and assessments as quickly as you are able.

You can choose from a variety of course formats with MTI, selecting the method that works best for your current schedule and needs. Some graduate students prefer the structure of instructor-led online courses with pre-determined start and end dates, as the weekly assignment deadlines can provide added motivation to stay on track. Others want the flexibility that comes with self-paced online courses, which offer additional leeway for completion and do not require work to be completed on a rigid schedule.

Other popular course delivery methods include distance/correspondence courses, which can be completed independently over an entire year if desired; onsite “field trip” courses; E-Adventure options; webinars/on-demand videos; or workshops and conferences for masters degree credit.

Regardless of what course format you choose, each MTI course will earn you three credits.

Each of our four master’s degrees has a total of 13 courses and 38 credits and they are broken down into three categories below.

Pedagogy- 3 courses (9 credits): Focus on literacy, differentiation of instruction and technology.

Self- paced distance courses from Midwest Teachers Institute.
Same three required for each degree.

MTI 535 -Differentiation in the Classroom

MTI 542 -21st Century Digital Fluencies for Literacy

MTI 575 -Unlocking Students Potential with Technology

Emphasis- 6 courses (18 credits): Selected by the graduate student in their specific degree concentration.
Self- paced distance courses from Midwest Teachers Institute.

Click the links below to see your emphasis courses specific to your degree track.

Special Education

Curriculum & Instruction

ESL/ELL (Linguistically Diverse Education)

PE & Health

CSU-Pueblo-Core Online Courses (11 credits): Focus on research and professional change.
Online courses that are asynchronous and eight weeks long.
They are offered in the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

ED 502 Teacher as Change Agent (3 credits)
ED 503 Teacher as researcher (3 credits)-prerequisite 502
ED 504 Leading change in America’s schools (3 credits) prerequisite 503
ED 593 Capstone/seminar (2 credits)-must be last course taken in entire program.

A Master's Degree in Physical

Education is Affordable & Attainable

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Masters Degree in PE
When you decide to pursue your masters degree through MTI, you don’t need to wait for the next academic year to begin your courses. In fact, this masters degree in PE & Health program has a rolling admission schedule, so you can apply at any time and get started on your electives immediately. Selecting courses from the online course catalog and paying for your classes is fast and simple. Once registered, you can expect to receive your course materials quickly, as textbooks and other printed materials will ship within two to five business days.

While MTI has helped thousands of teachers across the country, there is never a guarantee that a state licensing body or school district will accept all the courses in a program for licensure, re-certification, or salary schedule purposes. For that reason, we strongly recommend prospective graduate students seek and obtain prior approval before registering and paying non-refundable tuition.

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