6 Ways Teachers Can Make More Money

How teachers can quickly increase their incomes by a few simple methods.

If you’re looking to make additional income as a teacher, here are some ways that we’ve found are easy to integrate into a busy teaching schedule, yet add to your earning power.

So, if you’ve got additional bills or merely want to save some extra funds for a rainy day, check out these six ways to make more money:

1. Tutor in Person or Online

Tutoring is a great way to provide personal and one on one teaching to a student. Tap into your personal network to see if anyone you know could use a tutor. Don't rule out online tutoring, a fast growing industry that rewards skilled tutors. A great website to check is Wyzant.com.

2. Write Articles for Educational Websites

Ever consider writing about subjects you're passionate about? Many teacher blogs accept guest articles and even pay you a share of revenue gen
rated from ads displayed on your articles. A great place to check is a website called WeAreTeachers.

3. Write a Curriculum or Teaching E-book

If you've developed an excellent curriculum that fellow teachers are always asking you to share, why not write a short book about it? Selling ebooks on Amazon.com without any upfront costs is effortless. Their direct publishing service allows you to get an ebook on Amazon.com as little as 24-48 hours. Check out Kindle Direct Publishing for Teachers.

4. Post Videos on Teacher Focused or Video Lessons on YouTube.com

You can create video lessons on your computer and post them to Youtube.com. Their monetization technology ensures you get a share of any ad revenue generated on your channel. As with anything, if the content is excellent, the viewers will follow.

5. Offer Freelance Writing Services

A vast industry has sprung up allowing freelancers to offer their skills remotely. Sites like Upwork.com and Freelancer.com can be a platform for you to provide a wide range of freelance work including blog writing, copywriting, copy editing and more.

6. Take Continuing Education Courses

Taking continuing education courses that are accredited and include graduate credits is a great way to increase your salary over the long term. Teacher courses can be taken in person or online. At Midwest Teachers Institute, we offer a wide range of CE credit courses for teachers and administrators.