3 Easy Ways To Make STEM Part of Your Classroom and earn stem graduate credits

STEM is a popular subject right now and making it a part of your class can yield benefits for you and your students.

Educators are challenged with how to make STEM part of their classes in a way that is not overwhelming to themselves, but also enjoyable and interactive for their students.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) is growing in classrooms across America. It can be easily added to your classroom with a few simple and engaging steps.

One thing I like to do is take a look at how I’m teaching a particular topic and see if I can put a scientific spin on it. A core tenet of science is curiosity. Taking a topic and adding the investigative process to spur curiosity can often make a subject much more engaging to students.

Kids love to solve problems by nature and tweaking your curriculum to cater to that can be really fun. Below are some ideas on how to add STEM to your class.

1. Making Math Fun

Some students simply don’t like math because it’s hard to visualize. Looking at math with a different lens can do wonders. Books like Amazing Visual Math provide clever ways to make math a hands-on experience. It features windows, pop-ups and windows that beautifully explain math concepts.

2. Use STEM Bins

Stem Bins are boxes filled with various items that can be used for engineering. Think Lego bricks, dixie cups, playdough, velcro, etc. These boxes contain cards with pictures of real-world objects that can be built with the contents. Stem bins are easy to store and can provide a wide range of topics that make engineering fun and exciting for students.

3. Fun Science Experiments

Creating science experiments can be easy and fun. Products like 30 Science Experiments from STEM Labs offer hands-on, science experiments that are easy to setup and use common supplies like baking soda and vinegar. Some of my favorites are “Tornado in a Jar” and “Dancing Raisins.”

Check out this fun kit at STEM Labs here...

Adding STEM to your classroom does not have to be overwhelming and will add a new dimension of curiosity for your students. So go and experiment today!

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